Don’s Appliance Repair In Spokane

appliance repairMy friend Don lives in Spokane Washington and has started an appliance repair businesses. Fixing appliances is tough work for just one guy. Moving large appliances like a washer or stove just to get to the compartment where the work is needed takes a lot of muscle. It is important for the repair technician to know exactly what the problem is with each specific appliance. By know every type of appliance and brand, this makes it easier for the technician to gauge the problems associated with the appliance.

Some appliances have known problems such as a specific dishwasher brand has issues with its motor system. Most calls for this dishwasher brand (we won’t mention the brand here) are usually because of a loud or grinding noise. This noise is the direct cause of either the motor failing or their is some debris stuck inside the motor. If the owner doesn’t know how to check the motor or can’t figure out why the noise is happening, they usually call for a repair tech to check out the appliance. This specific brand of dishwasher is made to be extra quite, so you can believe that homeowners will call as soon as this loud noise is heard.

Starting an appliance repair shop in Spokane takes a lot of work and money. Not only do you need to be proficient with every type of brand, but you also need to learn how to fix every type of appliance, from dishwashers, dryers, stoves (both gas and electric), and even microwaves. Then you have the commercial appliances, which are much bigger versions of the normal residential appliances. Commercial appliances break just as much as residential, but are much more expensive to replace than to repair. Repairing a commercial appliance is usually much more cost effective than buying a brand new one or used one.

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