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Since I am from the Spokane Washington area I though I would send out a recommendation for a friend’s company. Spokane Landscaping has been operating in Spokane since 1997. The company was started by my good friend Jesse when he was a young kid. It’s amazing to see how far a company can come. When Jesse was a kid he would mow his neighbor’s lawns and of course get paid for it. Over the years he began to expand his small company and hired on a few employees to help him in the summer months. Today he employes a full time staff including an office administrator who manages their phones, schedules and billings.

If you know Spokane Washington at all, you know how hot and dry it gets in the summers! Most summer months can be in the 80’s and 90’s, and occasionally hit the 100 degree mark. It can also be pretty dry around here. With the Cascade Mountains to the west, they tend to block a lot of the moisture coming in from the Pacific Coast, which is why Seattle is known for their rain. By the time the clouds get over the mountains, most of their moisture is gone, which means we are left with very little to no rain in the summer. Mowing lawns in these conditions was difficult unless if you worked with a customer who also had a sprinkler system. Without water, obviously the grass would not grow. So that is when Jesse got into working with sprinkler systems. Have a properly working sprinkler system is a must in Spokane, as long as you want a green lawn. Otherwise your grass will die and turn yellow.

Spokane Landscaping has evolved over the years to include other services besides lawn mowing. Now they include sprinkler installations, repairs, fertilizing, tree trimming and even spider spraying, just to name a few. We had Jesse and Spokane Landscaping come over to our house to mow our yard, including adding a sprinkler system. I ask Jesse what jobs they have been getting the most of and he surprisingly told me that they were getting a few commercial sprinkler installation jobs – He even showed me a job they just completed of a church property here in Spokane.

commercial sprinkler installation

Sprinkler Installation At Church Property

Now my yard is not that big but I could imagine how much work that would have been. Getting our own sprinkler system seemed like it would take a couple of days to do, especially since they had to work with our already established yard. Digging holes to lay pipes is a little more difficult to do when you have to work around grass, but they did a great job and didn’t kill off a lot of our lawn.

Spokane Landscaping is a great company if you are looking for a reliable and honest group of people. Whatever landscaping needs you have I would highly recommend you call Jesse with Spokane Landscaping or go visit their website here.

Check out their contact details here:

Spokane Landscaping

2504 W Smythe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224

(509) 977-4841

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Don’s Appliance Repair In Spokane

appliance repairMy friend Don lives in Spokane Washington and has started an appliance repair businesses. Fixing appliances is tough work for just one guy. Moving large appliances like a washer or stove just to get to the compartment where the work is needed takes a lot of muscle. It is important for the repair technician to know exactly what the problem is with each specific appliance. By know every type of appliance and brand, this makes it easier for the technician to gauge the problems associated with the appliance.

Some appliances have known problems such as a specific dishwasher brand has issues with its motor system. Most calls for this dishwasher brand (we won’t mention the brand here) are usually because of a loud or grinding noise. This noise is the direct cause of either the motor failing or their is some debris stuck inside the motor. If the owner doesn’t know how to check the motor or can’t figure out why the noise is happening, they usually call for a repair tech to check out the appliance. This specific brand of dishwasher is made to be extra quite, so you can believe that homeowners will call as soon as this loud noise is heard.

Starting an appliance repair shop in Spokane takes a lot of work and money. Not only do you need to be proficient with every type of brand, but you also need to learn how to fix every type of appliance, from dishwashers, dryers, stoves (both gas and electric), and even microwaves. Then you have the commercial appliances, which are much bigger versions of the normal residential appliances. Commercial appliances break just as much as residential, but are much more expensive to replace than to repair. Repairing a commercial appliance is usually much more cost effective than buying a brand new one or used one.

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A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

Full of beautiful, heart-wrenching, and hilarious stories, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details one man’s opportunity to edit his life as if he were a character in a movie.
Years after writing a best-selling memoir, Donald Miller went into a funk and spent months sleeping in and avoiding his publisher. One story had ended, […]

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Don Miller was a Huge Dog Fan – Here is how he trained his dogs.

Are you currently experiencing one of these difficulties with your pet dog?

  • Dirt Digging problems
  • will never mind yourself
  • You have various other pet dogs they are belligerent to
  • Jumping troubles
  • Chasing or possibly gnawing at its very own tail
  • your pet is frightened over other folks
  • the dog pees demonstrating submissive actions
  • lack of control to You
  • Aggression against any other domestic pets
  • Running away hardships

When your canine springs at you, take no notice of him. Don’t scratch them or even give your dog notice. This can reinforce that habits. Say ‘no’ then scratch them if they quit.

Treats are one of the best ways to encourage good behavior. Mainly praise though.

It’s a misbelief that a shock collar is the best option to quit dog barking. They instill suffering and also cause a great deal of stress for a pet. Furthermore, they do not work with a lot of dogs. Several canines bark right through the distress.

Did you realize you do not need to train on a training clicker? Bypass a training clicker and stop throwing away your time.

Teach your dog all the time, day to day. Identify instances to train your dog as part of regular living. Understand you want out of your dog and treat him just like that continually. The other dog training will be all surplus. Would you do your own personal income taxes? Training your dog is kind of like this. It will be easy, you merely need some support.

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